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ViewSpection Plus
ViewSpection is now fully configurable and works for any line of business. Use it for inspections, claims or marketing.

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ViewSpection Plus combines a fully configurable app builder with the compelling cost and time savings of self-service inspections to transform the traditional loss control process

A traditional inspection may “check the box” for underwriting, but what is the value add beyond that?

ViewSpection’s self-service, inspection as a platform, engages the policyholder and agent.

You no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and many months of time, to launch an app to the field. With ViewSpection Plus, build and distribute apps for any line of business, in one day.





Digitize Your Loss Control

Imagine designing your own loss control app for any line of business!

We can now build a library of unlimited app configurations for you,

including custom questions, photos, help screens, you name it. 




ViewSpection Metrics

  • Pricing starting at $18 per completed inspection
  • We average over 20 images per ViewSpection
  • ViewSpection is often completed in 1 day and the average is 2-3 days
  • Up to 72% completion rate and improving
  • Typically no additional inspection is needed after the ViewSpection is completed.


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ViewSpection is NOT your Traditional Inspection!

  • With ViewSpection, you get a guided, personal tour of the home or business thru images within 3 days.
  • You do not have to rely ONLY on a drive-by exterior inspection or big data.
  • A policyholder who opts in to complete a ViewSpection survey is not prone to committing fraud. They want to share information about their property and get personalized risk guidance.
  • ViewSpection reduces friction for the policyholder and agent.
  • Get interior and inventory images
  • ViewSpection generates opportunity for sales and advising.
  • Faster from quote to bind
  • ViewSpection boils every question down to an image

ViewSpection Plus Features 



We produce your app in days. Ready to go now. Your inspections are now totally flexible to your unique needs.



ViewSpection costs are typically 75% less than the price of a traditional “boots on the ground” inspection



ViewSpection engages the agent and policyholder on Day 1 and avoids surprises later in the underwriting process. “Reduce Quote to Bind” time.



Friction is removed and negative issues are dealt with before they impact customer satisfaction



The Digital Agent


Your time is best spent building relationships, and being a trusted adviser to your policyholders and prospects.
  • Invite the policyholder to complete a photo tour of their property
  • consult with them about needed repairs or scheduled items (upsell)
  • Deepen your knowledge of every risk right from your desk! 





Self-Service Inspections create deeper connections

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Getting Started

Deployment (Skip the Pilot)


$2495 with Master Services Agreement and base subscription of $495/month for 6 months


$1495 with Master Services Agreement and base subscription of $195/month for 6 months

Pilot Program

  • $3495. External testing, 200 inspections, 60 day test period, Master Service Agreement and Scope of Work

Proof of Concept

  • No charge
  • Internal testing, 50 inspections, 30 day test period. Scope of Work agreement

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Choices In Digital Loss Control

ViewSpection partners with  Gardner Group to offer a loss control solution

which provides a digital option for every part of risk management process.


When you need guided, near-virtual inspections, you can rely on ViewSpection’s hybrid solution.  ViewSpection Hybrid pairs a self-service inspection with guidance, curation and recommendations from a loss control specialist from Gardner Group.

  • Live invitation
  • Guided on-boarding
  • SMS or phone interactions
  • Follow on interactions as needed
  • Quality controlled report with defect list

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ViewSpection can optimize the process with our mobile inspector app and partnership with Gardner Group, the loss control company that originated the ViewSpection concept.

  • Ease of transition from self-service
  • Mobile enabled field staff
  • 50% reduction in office time

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The start-up story….as told by Jim Gardner:

Back in 1978, my dad, Richard Gardner had recently left his position as VP of loss control for a Northeast based regional insurance carrier.  He was on the search for something different and it was going to involve the whole family...

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What Others Say About ViewSpection


"The photos are very good. It has helped to determine coverages and forms. I hope more agents will use this."


"I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along, this is the future!"


"Field Inspections are much easier and faster to complete. This app is spoiling me!"

Field Inspector

"I just wanted to say that I really like this app.  I appreciate the chance to include optional pictures that a paid inspector probably would not take"