Do You Have An Inspection Problem?

    • Problem: Are you using expensive field inspections or no inspections at all?

    • Opportunity: Bring self-service loss control to the front of your sales and underwriting process. Why wait 30 days?

    • Action: Collect immediate, actionable data, using our web driven platform

ViewSpection takes you from legacy loss control to a digital risk management platform for all lines of business and all users, from policyholders to carriers


These Companies Transformed Their Loss Control

We don’t just offer best in-class inspection solutions – we help you respond to each unique loss control need. Here are just a few companies getting results with ViewSpection.


4 Steps To Optimize Engagement

You may have the best app and customer experience out there but you need to have the processes dialed in to get the policyholder to do the inspection!

  • Test different invitation formats
  • Point of sale vs. post bind
  • Low tech vs. API
  • and more!

Defects, Recommendations And Self-Service Realities

The policyholder who completes a self-service inspection WILL typically be very transparent about what they show you. They do show defects.  Check out these actual images from ViewSpection reports

What Our Customers Say

Our clients are commenting that having the ability to do the inspections themselves through ViewSpection is easy and making them and their families much more comfortable since they do not need to have an inspector come to their home during these social distancing times.

Thank you for not missing a beat and for your flexibility during these trying times!

But how could we have known how essential our ViewSpection Mobile App inspections would become during a pandemic?

Case Study

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Case Study



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Pick a Workflow That "Works" For You

You do not need API's and integrations to get started and get results.  It can be as simple as "ordering" an inspection and let ViewSpection handle the automation of the workflow.  Here are some of the best options:

  • Agent initiated at POS
  • Carrier invite with dedicated URL
  • Order a guided self-service
  • Use a QR code in a print campaign

Any Line of Business

ViewSpection is a fully configurable, drag and drop platform that can be optimized for any line of business.

Commercial usage is our fastest growing segment.

Click any image to view a sample report or meet to discuss.


Customize your residential inspections for what you really want to know.


Capture images, questions and video from your commercial risks.  Low cost and fast!


Small to large, self-service works for farm exposures.  Lets chat and discuss how it can be done.

Specialty Exposures

Wildfire defense, street side dining or any special risk we, can talk you through how to do it. 

Product Features

Progressive Web App

Web apps allow for an autoloading, no app store experience. Send out an invitation for each inspection (with data entry) or utilize a dedicated URL invitation for your company (no data entry needed).

Native App

ViewSpection is available in both Android or iOS app stores.


We will configure your app specifically for your use case. We have a large library of pre-designed apps to utilize as templates as well.

Video Capture

You have the option of adding multiple 10 second video captures within your app. These are particularly helpful for front and rear of buildings, risk specific areas like cooklines, and more.

Geo Tagged

Images are geo tagged and mapped so that you may visually identify where the photos were taken. Each geo pin also allows you to preview the image for that pin.

Dedicated URL

Use dedicated URL’s to streamline your invitation process. You can use either the URL or a QR code. The dedicated URL’s can be utilized on websites, email blasts or print media.

QR Codes

QR codes are back! Anyone who has gone out to restaurants during COVID has been re-introduced. You can be confidant that even your 75 year old policyholder has used a QR code!

Any Line of Business

We can build an app for any line of business. Residential, commercial or specialty. We have seen them all and we can optimize your app for highest engagement.

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Options With Responsive Loss Control

No need to send an inspector out on every inspection anymore!  There are many options for the "right" inspection. 


Option 1

Property Intelligence

Start with your own vendor provided AI driven aerial imagery

Completed in seconds! 


Option 2

Self-Service Inspection

Best at point of sale or with API and SMS invite
Completed in 7 days @ $15

Option 3

Guided Self-Service

No API needed.  High Engagement Rate
Completed in 7 days @ $25

Option 4

Guided with Interview

Pairing self-service with interview works great with SMB
Completed in 10 days @ $65

Option 5

Video 1 to 1

Walk through premise with insured and video
Completed in 10 days @ $75

Option 6

Field Surveys

Commercial Inspector with ViewSpection App
Results in 30+ days starting at $100


ViewSpection Videos


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Self-Service & Guided Options

Easy To Implement Self-Service Options

These options include a free to get started option and our most popular guided it is a fast, low tech solution!




Great for agents or testing in the enterprise.

  • Web App
  • 3 Pre-Built Templates
  • Full App Functionality



Most effective at point of sale or with SMS based invitation

  • 5 Workflows
  • 3 User Types
  • Library of Templates
  • 2 Custom Templates

Guided & Interview


Custom interview with defect recommendations

  • 4 Custom Templates
  • Video Capture
  • Omni-Channel
Field Services Available

Field Services Powered By ViewSpection

Easily transition to field inspections from ViewSpection with our partner, the Gardner Group

With 35 years experience in the field our mobile enabled staff is available in:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut

A Quick Chat or Web Meetup

Jim or a member of the sales team will respond to your questions.  We can do a phone call or a web meeting of your choice.  Check out the calendar below and email me if need a time slot that is not displayed.


Have More Questions?

How do we use the ViewSpection platform?

We will handle the set-up for you, then you can either use a dedicated URL for your policyholders to use the web-based app, or orders can be entered directly into our system and invitations to complete the photo survey will automatically be sent to the policyholder.   It all depends on the service and workflow that you need. We also have an API available to automate the process for you.

What is a Guided Inspection?

Our experience has proven that a human touch at the point of engagement is very important and dictates the completion rate and success of a Responsive Loss Control program. We have different levels of guided inspections available, from engagement only, to a phone interview and final review of the self-service inspection report to identify defects and add recommendations before the report is delivered to you.

What IT is needed to implement a Responsive Loss Control program?

No IT necessary. While we do have an API to automate the ordering and report delivery process, we will set up the appropriate workflow for you, and you can either manually enter orders into our system, or we will enter the orders for you to get started.

Is ViewSpection a native app?

We have both native and web-based apps and you have access to both regardless of the service level that you decide on. The native app requires that login credentials be sent in the invitation along with the link to download the app from one of the app stores. The web app invitation sends a link that automatically opens the app in the user’s smart device browser. No login necessary.

Do you charge for every inspection order?

We only charge for completed surveys. A completed survey is one that is uploaded from a smart device to our system.

What if I want changes made to the app template?

We have a library of pre-built app templates for you to use. If you want changes made, you will have full access to the app templates and you can make as many changes to them as you would like, or build your own! We can also edit the existing app templates for you.

Do you have AI?

AI has been an industry buzz word for a few years now, but it has yet to be proven that AI-guided self-service inspections can add value and be cost-effective. However, we see great potential for AI to aid in identifying potential defects via image recognition. We are currently working on a AI-driven report review process via image recognition.

Do you have video capabilities?

We do have video! Our web app can be configured to capture 10-second video blasts of any area of the property. The final PDF report has the video links embedded for easy review.