ViewSpection is the self-service, pre-loss, insurance inspection app for residential and commercial properties. The app boils every question down to an image. Get a digital interior tour from your policyholder on any property in just hours.
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Path To Digitizing Your Loss Control! 






Imagine designing your own loss control app for any line of business!

We can now build a library of unlimited app configurations for you,

including custom questions, photos, help screens, you name it. 


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Turn an Inspection Into a Connection

Self-service inspections engage the policyholder and enhance the customer journey by:

  • Removing the friction caused by having a traditional inspection
  • Reducing brand damage from negative information delivered at Day 40
  • Increasing sales and relationship opportunities for the agency

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 The Digital Agent

Your time is best spent building relationships, and being a trusted adviser to your policyholders and prospects.
  • Invite the policyholder to complete a photo tour of their property
  • consult with them about needed repairs or scheduled items (upsell)
  • Deepen your knowledge of every risk right from your desk! 

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Inspections on Day One

With ViewSpection, you get the details you need on day 1, not day 40 like traditional inspections, and ViewSpection costs 80% less.

ViewSpection reduces your time from quote-to-bind and protects against brand damage by making the inspection a positive, collaborative experience.

  • Get better information on day 1
  • Reduce your inspection budget 
  • Every inspection is an interior!

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Self-Service Inspections create deeper connections

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ViewSpection Features


Every question is boiled down to an image. Each photo builds the report. Complete, professional PDF report in 15 minutes.


ViewSpection is ready to use for either commercial or residential risks. Ask about our guided option utilizing our call center based inspectors.


DIY or self-service inspections by the policyholder can significantly reduce your needs for traditional field based inspections. How many risks do you not inspect because of budget limitations? Do you settle for drive by inspections? ViewSpection provides interior access to every risk.


ViewSpection delivers a new channel for the insured to interact with their agent. Agents can bring more value to their policyholders by providing digitally delivered risk consultation with a personal touch.

Choices In Digital Loss Control

ViewSpection partners with  Gardner Group to offer a loss control solution

which provides a digital option for every part of risk management process.


When you need guided, near-virtual inspections, you can rely on ViewSpection’s hybrid solution.  ViewSpection Hybrid pairs a self-service inspection with guidance, curation and recommendations from a loss control specialist from Gardner Group.

  • Live invitation
  • Guided on-boarding
  • SMS or phone interactions
  • Follow on interactions as needed
  • Quality controlled report with defect list

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ViewSpection can optimize the process with our mobile inspector app and partnership with Gardner Group, the loss control company that originated the ViewSpection concept.

  • Ease of transition from self-service
  • Mobile enabled field staff
  • 50% reduction in office time

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The start-up story….as told by Jim Gardner:

Back in 1978, my dad, Richard Gardner had recently left his position as VP of loss control for a Northeast based regional insurance carrier.  He was on the search for something different and it was going to involve the whole family...

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What Others Say About ViewSpection


"The photos are very good. It has helped to determine coverages and forms. I hope more agents will use this."


"I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along, this is the future!"


"Field Inspections are much easier and faster to complete. This app is spoiling me!"

Field Inspector

"I just wanted to say that I really like this app.  I appreciate the chance to include optional pictures that a paid inspector probably would not take"