The Fastest Way to Launch a Self-Inspection Program

Guided Self-Inspections are a fast way to launch an enhanced loss control program with either in-house or a third party vendor.

Why Take 12 Months to Launch?

Get your self-inspection program going TODAY! With the speed of insurance, it is easy to burn up 1 year in just getting the first inspection complete.

Let’s talk about where the hold ups occur. IT and Workflow design take the most time in getting a self-service inspection program off the ground.

Even when that is complete, there is no certainty about how well your policyholder demographic will respond or engage. You won’t really find out till you get started.



Self-service is great except when you cannot engage or connect with the client to get the process started. What impacts engagement levels:

  • Technology
  • Web vs Native
  • Email vs. SMS
  • CX


Engagement is the first step to getting a completed self-service inspection. Here is what impacts the completion rate:

  • Design of the self-service report
    • How much time
    • How many questions
    • Is there customer support
  • Demographic target

Self-Service Timing

Engagement and completion results are heavily impacted by the timing of the invitation or the placement position in the policy lifecycle. Here are some tips on optimizing at each stage:

  • Pre-Bind – Best time for self-service. All parties are engaged. 70-85% success rate
  • Post-Bind – If you can use SMS invitation, it may help engagement improve beyond 30% with solo approach. Guided approach may be cost effective.
  • Renewal – Guided is best unless you can get agent buy in to engage and post invitation.
  • Special Cases – As developing risks such as sidewalk dining and wildfire defense appear for your book, use ViewSpection as part of a timely, educational reach out and capture and SHARE risk information.


Solo vs. Guided

What’s the difference?

Solo self-service is an inspection where you rely solely on invitation to drive engagement. This is very dependent on timing, incentives and channel choice.

Guided is when a human interaction AND an invitation is used create engagement. A guided workflow allows for more options to match the underwriting needs:

  • Communicate the invitation and get client on the app
  • Providing support and “pushes” to complete app
  • Reviewing and following up on app results
  • Review of report and determining recommendations
  • Completing full interview in conjunction with the app information

In-House or Vendor?

Guided self-service platforms can be used by carrier, agent or vendor.

Guided workflows are optimal for an In-House approach. This allows you to power up your field staff and keep them working from home or office and expanding their reach while eliminating transportation overhead.

If you do not have the available staff for in-house, your vendor inspector can rapidly adopt to a “desk inspect” approach.

Just Order It!

The absolute fastest and easiest way to test drive self-inspections is to order guided inspections from a vendor with a robust self-service inspection platform. This way you are ordering an inspection just as you would have for a field inspection. All you have to do is check out their capabilities for delivering a guided self-inspection product for personal lines and commercial lines.

  • No IT: Just order the inspections! Use ViewSpection as your provider for self-service inspections and there is no IT for you, just enter in a inspection request or send a file with all your inspections.
  • Low IT/No API: With the ViewSpection platform you can access all the functions of self-service with no API. Great way to start out.
  • API: Utilize our API for time saving functionality. Really makes the solo approach pop!


  • Phone: Old school but most effective for engagement on guided self-inspections
  • Email: Best when used with your email. Great use for a dedicated URL
  • SMS: Get your policy apps set up to comply with SMS messaging requirements and this is a super powerful engagement channel.
  • URL: Pair with our web app and you can remove the friction of downloading another app. Just send the invitation with the unique URL via email or SMS.
  • Dedicated URL: Not really a channel but it opens up ALL the channels. This URL can be used by anyone as they input their contact information and then complete the self-service inspection. Now you can post on your website, include on a flyer or even business cards.
  • QR Code: Same as a dedicated URL, use it as a standalone sign in or combine with the URL
  • Omni-Channel: With ViewSpection’s guided approach, our team rocks the omni-channel approach with phone, SMS and email.


Moving It To The Field

Depending on your workflow and approach, you will range from 30% to 85% completed self-inspections. For those that do not get completed you can move them to the field. Here is how to do it:

  • Dedicate only 7-10 days to the self-inspection process
  • Have an automatic transition set up with your selected field provider.

Why Guided?

Guided is already optimized for best engagement.

From day one you will get results that are easy to evaluate against your program metrics and goals.

With a platform like ViewSpection, all the workflows have been designed and tested.

The results will give immediate insights into the responsiveness of your policyholders.

You can make immediate tweaks to the process to optimize the app, the workflow, and the reporting.

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