The Best Ways To Get More From Your Inspection Budget

The Best Ways To Get More From Your Inspection Budget

June 25, 2018/ 0 Comments / / by Jim Gardner

Let’s be blunt.  What do you really get from your current inspections?  You get pictures, you get info that you probably already knew, and you most likely have some nice recommendations to send the client that is really going to tick them off.

Risk management is important, but what about when the process unnecessarily drives away your customers?

Here are 5 ways to totally shift your loss control efforts.  The core of it is timing.  You will make bad news better, when you talk about it on Day 1, not on Day 40.  So how do you get your loss control information on Day 1?


Self-service is at the core of transforming legacy approaches to inspections.  Your policyholder is already there, they do not want to be bothered and they actually enjoy being involved in making their property a better risk.  A smart phone is all that is needed to engage with your policyholder and to convert an inspection to a connection.

Chat Bot

A full bore, 200 question inspection form is overkill for most risks.  Beyond that, who will read it and what actions will be taken?  There is a place for quickly deployable, theme or campaign-oriented interactions.  These interactions can be delivered via your website, social media, text and email.  Imagine having 20-40 different chatbots with some AI sprinkled in that can ask you policyholders 3 questions and have them take 5 photos.  These are sent back automatically and perhaps the insured gets an e-book or gift card.  The possibilities are never-ending, based on line of business, you can send out a commercial kitchen safety check, a scaffold install evaluation, winter entrance best practices and a wood stove safety feedback.  Here we are intentionally “blurring” the lines between inspections and marketing.

Guided Inspections

Drones can be used to optimize inspections

Keep your inspection staff at the office.  Or let them work from home.  They can send out invitations to the policyholders and have the client complete a site walk-through in minutes.  The loss control staffer can review and follow up with the policyholder as needed.  With no drive time and little to no write up, they will even get more inspections done. 


Mobilize Your Field Inspectors

While this may not get you your inspection on Day 1, it will speed things up.  Imagine that YOU are an inspector who works out on the road, 4 days a week and writes up reports 2 days a week.  Odds are, come Friday and Saturday, there may be 60-150 reports to put together.  That means uploading and labeling upwards of 2-3000 photos.  That alone would take hours, not even including the forms and such.  Mobilize your inspectors and eliminate most of the tedious office work. Your inspectors will have more quality time with friends and family and you are more likely to get your inspections a few days earlier!

Even More Options

With the on-demand or gig work force, you have even more options for getting inspections completed.  Gig workers or gig based companies are available to look at property for you on a one-off basis in all parts of the country.  Real time video inspections are also a viable option to inspect particular types of properties.  Drone inspections may offer some capabilities that are not available from a ground based inspection.

The bottom line is that in today's digital loss control world, there are many, many options available!

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