Stop Avoiding Inspections

Begin connection with policyholders with inspections. Use self-service inspections to engage with client on the customer journey. Learn how to build a self-service app in 8 steps.

Leveraging Today’s Loss Control

Too often, inspections are not done because they are too expensive, or if they are done, they are not fully leveraged.

Today’s inspection options look so much different. You have remote video, self-service, guided and traditional inspections. Why keep doing loss control the same way?

Inspections are not just a box to check off in the post-bind process. Today’s client-facing inspections can be a key part of building a relationship with the policyholder for BOTH the agent and the carrier.

What Are You Getting from Traditional Inspections?

Your list might look like this:


Got a report                                   

5 recommendations


Took 32 days

Had to go back and forth with agent on the recs

Complaint from agent on inspector

Cost $125.00

More Connection, Please!

Four graphs showing the type of policyholders that want outreach

Policyholders want connection. 57% want interaction during the policy and 74% want contact at renewal. This is from “The Outreach Blueprint: How policyholders want to be engaged by their insurance carrier,” from LexisNexis.

LexisNexis recommends that insurers make customers aware of three things:

  • Feedback is welcomed
  • Policies are crafted to best-fit the customer’s needs
  • The insurance company cares about its customers

Inspections: The Digital Moment

Do you see the fit between what the customer wants and how inspections can provide? Here is an example:

Using a self-service inspection, the carrier invited the policyholder post bind to complete a photo inspection on their restaurant. This is an overview of what they got:

  • Completed in 3 days

  • 32 photos

  • Answered 7 requested questions

  • Identified 3 actionable defects including out of date automatic extinguishing device service

Start With Engaging

So when to use self-service vs. guided vs. remote video vs. traditional?

Depends on the results you want and how you want to leverage the results and for who.

With customer facing inspections, the success is driven by the engagement.

  • ENGAGE: When to start the inspection process. How to engage the risk. How to get high engagement.

  • CONNECT: Provide value. Involve the client. Communicate care. Build trust.

  • INSPECT: Capture information. Share information. Reduce Risk

How would your company benefit by leveraging self-service inspections?

If you are ready to explore self-service more deeply then download “How to Build a Self-Service Inspection Program in 8 Steps”

Click here to learn more about buiding a self-service inspection program in eight steps

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