So what should “Digital Loss Control” mean to you?

Digital Loss Control is the new risk management. A hybrid approach incorporates Self Service with traditional inspections.

We think it means you should expect an ongoing exploration of every aspect of what it means to deliver loss control information in today's always-on world.

Exploring Expectations

We will constantly be exploring expectations we have around risk management.  That includes inspections as connections.  We will pursue engaging with policyholders around risk at many points on their customer journey.  We work at blurring the lines between underwriting, loss control and marketing & sales.

We have developed products and services which stretch the spectrum of inspection services.  You may find value in self-service, call center guided hybrid inspections or a mobile enabled work force. Digital Loss Control expands the possibilities

We are imaging more approaches.  We are your partners in expanding the digital loss control universe.  We see so much potential in chat bots, artificial intelligence and image recognition. 

When these new technologies are rolled out in a way which supports an enhanced customer journey, the upside grows dramatically.

Consider Gardner Group and ViewSpection to be partners in exploring how the changing system of digital loss control fit into your unique organization.

Learn More About Digital Loss Control

A partnership with Gardner Group

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