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August 24, 2017/ 0 Comments / / by Jim Gardner

Almost two weeks in on my sales focus.

Last week I only did 20+ reach outs according to HubSpot. That does not seem like much across the 15 hours of sales work I tracked.

So that got me to thinking, “what is sales”? I do not mean that in a philosophical aspect, but literally. When I am doing sales “work”, what does that include?

My actual work during sales time was reach outs, prepping for webinars, webinars, writing proposals, writing content, following up with contacts/leads and scheduling.

Obviously counting contacts is not going to be a good representation of my sales efforts. So, to be accurate, I will now consider myself doing sales AND marketing.

Here is a run down from the last two weeks:

The Good: 3 webinars/conference calls. All converted to in-house tests plus 3 more from the prior week. Sent out a proposal to a large carrier after 4 months of discussions. Converted a LinkedIn connection to a lead (by asking for a innovation contact at the carrier). Scheduled 6 new webinars or calls for next week.

The So-So: Only 20+ new reach outs a week. Struggled trying to decide how to connect with new leads. Focused on “give to get” approach and started developing content pieces to “give”. Struggled thinking that I needed to reach out to 15 people a day, but that left no time to nurture people doing webinars or tests.

Best New Resource: Ian Altman, “Same Side Selling“. This really resonated with me, especially the focus on integral selling, not taking notes during a call and the Same Side Quadrant.

Here is my sales & marketing approach boiled down to a SMART goal:

SPECIFIC: I will calendar 3 hours a day for sales and marketing efforts.

MEASURABLE: I will break down the 3 hours into 50% sales and 50% marketing. I will schedule at least 4 webinars or calls for the next week.

ACHIEVABLE: This is attainable for me when I schedule it from 7am to 10am daily. It is on my calendar!

RESULTS FOCUSED: I need to (I will) utilize HubSpot to track results/conversions/sales/etc. so I can show results. I have to learn a bit more about the customer sales journey and how to track in HubSpot.

TIME BOUND: I am going to commit to this SMART goal until the end of October and then re-visit

In my next post, I will let you know about the new tools I have added to my sales “tech stack”.


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