My Sales Journey with Harry Potter

October 25, 2017/ 0 Comments / / by Jim Gardner

My Quest

My quest to become a sales guy for our companies took a funny turn awhile back.

When I was looking at my Kindle a few months ago it listed “The Sorcerer’s Stone”, the first book in the Harry Potter series, as a free download. As of today, I have read most of the way through the 5th book, “The Order of the Phoenix”.

Recently, I have realized that Harry has been guiding me along my path to learn sales.

Every time, I get through a chapter, I am inspired by Harry and what he and his friends have accomplished. If Harry can do it, I believe I can win my battles and grow too!

At the outset, Harry has no clue as to the talents and gifts which he possesses. Why would he, living underneath the stairs?

As the books and the years at Hogwart’s progress, Harry displays persistence, faces his fears and develops a practice of looking deep within himself.

Now in the 5th book, I have just gotten to the part where Harry begins to teach the Dark Arts to other students. It was powerful to watch the process of Harry’s initial reluctance to the idea of teaching, his struggles to believe others valued him and then his integration of teaching as a higher cause (Dumbledore’s Army).

For me, the sales process has become more of a life journey than learning a skill.

Sales has become solely about establishing relationships. It is not about selling anymore. Sales come from the relationship. To prove that to myself, I tried a week of cold calling and it was like I was being attacked by dementors and all the happiness was drained from me.

It seems like the Harry Potter series would make a great core of a business course. The metaphors and analogies seem to be spot on.

I would start with “Sales, the Harry Potter Method!”


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