Jim Gardner

Jim is the Co-Founder and CEO of ViewSpection, a transformative approach to loss control and underwriting. ViewSpection is a collaborative platform which connects agents, policyholders, underwriters and loss control providers throughout the insurance policy life cycle.

Recent Posts

Barriers to Innovation in InsurTech

Innovation is exciting at the beginning and the end. At the start, it is buzz word driven and all upside potential. At the end, we hope for a successfully implemented solution that delivers lots of wonderful things. In the middle are many tough decisions and challenging […]

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SMART Selling for ViewSpection

Smart Selling Almost two weeks in on my sales focus. Last week I only did 20+ reach outs according to HubSpot. That does not seem like much across the 15 hours of sales work I tracked. So that got me to thinking, “what is sales”? I do not mean that in a philosophical […]

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Big Data vs. Little Data

In Tucson, we got monsoon rain overnight and it really helped control the Burro Fire which had grown to 27,000 acres in the mountains north of town. Summerhaven is a small community at the top of Mount Lemon (5 miles from the fire). When I checked a hazard report for the […]

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