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Putting SMS To Work For You

This is our complete guide on how to use SMS messaging to optimize engagement especially when it comes to self-guided applications.


Mixing AI and People

Loss control is being re-invented today. Artificial intelligence is the tool driving that charge. As an underwriter, how comfortable are you with...


Remote Inspections: Got An App?

Are you considering a self-service or remote inspection solution? You will need to select an app type that works best for you: native app, web app,...


Stop Avoiding Inspections

Begin connection with policyholders with inspections. Use self-service inspections to engage with client on the customer journey. Learn how to build...

My Dad and Insuretech

We needed an insuretech solution. Metromile! I had been introduced to them at the DigIn conference several years ago.

Psychology of Self-Service

How to improve customer experience and retention by accelerating the loss control process through self-service inspections

Big Data & People Data

If the policy holder enjoys looking up their property on Zillow to see the price change, what data can the carrier deliver as well?

Grinding Up "The Grind"

Most people running startups, or their own businesses, often feel or experience similar reactions to the stress of entrepreneurialism.

Big Data vs. Little Data

Big data providers are a fantastic asset in aggregating hazard and property information to provide instant insight on property anywhere.

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