13 Ways for Agents to Connect with Insurance “Inspections”

13 Ways for Agents to Connect with Insurance “Inspections”

I am not an agent, but I am a business owner, and I am betting that:

You put your heart and soul (and hours) into your marketing reach-outs, but the results often don’t match the effort
● You struggle to find unique ways to connect with your clients
● You realize that almost 70% of your customers leave because they think you do not care about them.


How do you stay connected between the sale and the renewal?

Your customers tell you they want you to connect, but how can you come up with relevant ways to do that?

Inspections or risk checkups are great connections. When you use them, your client has a new way to:

Know you
● Like you
● Trust you

Leveraging inspections demonstrates your value as a trusted risk advisor who educates their clients.

A forrest wildfire


How Well Do You “Know” Your Client?

Ask these questions about your client base:

How many have you met?
● How many have you had a conversation with this year?
● What are their top 5 risks
● Who has made insurance related changes this year?
● What color is their house?
● Do you know them well enough to know where to cross sell or to improve your retention?

How to increase your client connections

Strategic Onboarding
● Improve Customer Service
● Increase Contact Cadence
● Vary Your “Touches”
● Use Education

Each of these can be accomplished by an “inspection” or in other words, a risk check. With risk checks, you can have a unique way to reach out to both your residential and commercial clients.  With ViewSpection, you can easily and instantly, complete that connection.

Screenshot of the Wildfire Defensibility 2 YouTube video on a desktop


Marketing With “Risk Checks"

Wildfire defensibility is a perfect example where you can connect with your client, pass information to them and know their risk exposures even more than you already do.

ViewSpection can provide you with a complete set of these special solution apps to help build out your library for connecting with your clients.

Wildfire Defense YouTube Video

A list of 13 residential inspection opportunities per month of the year


We have a growing library of Special Solution ideas, like these above. Please reach out if you would like to have us design a single or a series of inspection apps for you.

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