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We send you and your team invitations to try out the app on your home or on your kids play house!  Play with it.  What do you think?


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Test It

Try it out with some of your policyholders or new business.  Pick an agent or two.  10 or 20 actual inspections will tell you what you need to know.


Underwrite With It

Show your test results to the underwriting team.  What do they think?  Can they underwrite with it?

Real Examples

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Work Flow It

The closer you can get the ViewSpection to the point of sale with the agent, the better your results will be.  With our API, you can easily start the process on from your Agent portal or your quoter page.

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Implement It

So how good of friends are you with the IT folks?  You are probably going to need their help for a bit.  This is not a big project and should only take a day or two.

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Enjoy It

Now enjoy saving money, reducing time-to-bind and building better connections all around!

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Number Crunching ViewSpection




Let’s take a look at an example that involves a personal lines use case.

For this number crunching exercise, we will suppose that we are going to do work with 1000 personal lines new business policies per month.

We will assume that via predictive analytics, 30% of the policies (300) are having a traditional, exterior, inspection completed, at a cost of $30 and a delivery window of 28 days.  Total cost for this traditional approach is $9,000.

The work flow process will be that the invitations are delivered to the policyholder from that Agent at your agent portal.  The invitations go out via email and SMS.

80% of the new business polices (800 policies) will receive invitations to complete a ViewSpection.  The CSR or agent will have inquired the clients willingness to complete a self-service inspection.  Some percentage of polices will automatically go to traditional inspections based on your parameters.

The window for completion will be 8 days.  2 reminders will be sent out.

At 8 days the results are that 65% of the 800 policies were completed with ViewSpection at a rate of $10 per inspection (based on volume and length of contract).  Cost of the 520 ViewSpection’s is $5,200.  Of the remaining 280 policies, where no inspection was completed, you decide to inspect of them at a total cost of $3,000. 

End result is that 620 inspections were completed at a total cost of $8,200.  That is an increase of 206% at cost that is 91% of the cost to do 300 traditional exterior inspections.

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Beyond The Numbers:

 Inspection as a Connection




Carrier Benefits:

  • Reduce brand damage
  • Reduced exclusions, premium increase or other negative policy adjustments
  • Increased sales via new riders, additional policies and upsell potential
  • Decreased complaints on inspections from policyholders
  • New engagement opportunity for agency
  • Improved retention at renewal

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