Our Onboarding Process

In the video to the left, Jim Gardner, CEO of Gardner Group, talks about the process for onboarding individuals for our field inspector position.

What Gardner Group Does

We work for insurance companies and we gather information on the buildings and operations. Our main priority is to identify defects which may lead to an insurance claim. As we have discussed, you need to have a good understanding of buildings and residential/commercial occupancies.

Defect Pic 2
Defect Pic 3

How Good Are You at Finding Defects?

Above there is a photo of the back of a commercial building and a photo of a house. See if you can find at least 4 defects in each one. How about 6?



The answers are below!

Commercial Building Defects

Missing handrail
Debris/Unattended storage
Unattended ladder
Door missing steps
Foundation damage
Loose wires

Residential Home Defects

Missing handrail
Debris/Unattended storage
Unattended ladder
Door missing steps
Foundation damage
Loose wires

So how did you do?  You have to like being a "defect detective" to do insurance inspections!

Inspector Field Inspector Overview

Gardner Group is a fast-growing, regional provider of insurance loss control services in 4 states as well as a developer of the inspection software, ViewSpection.

We're recruiting for a Part-Time opportunity, in your area for an insurance field representative. If you are available in other areas, we are happy to discuss.

Our field reps gather property and operations information for residential and commercial properties. Our reps normally work in a 20–40-mile radius.

Successful applicants are usually already out and about in their defined working territory. This is not a full-time position but works very well combined with other activities where you are out on the road.

Assignment's need be completed within 20 days.


  • Pay is flat rate based.
    - Commercial inspections start at $40.00
    - Residential inspections start at $18.00
  • Gardner Group is 100% virtual. Our staff is located throughout the US
  • This is a part-time position
  • 1099 contractor position
  • Production payments are made every 2 weeks for the last 2 weeks production

Responsibilities and Duties

  • We gather property and operation information for insurance carries
  • We focus on identifying defects and making recommendations that will reduce claims
  • You set up your own schedule and make appointments
  • You use the ViewSpection app for field work and report submission

Requirements and Qualifications

• Organized and logistic loving people excel in this position

• You should enjoy buildings and have baseline knowledge of construction

• You should be very comfortable in an online, computer & app focused world

• Must have a PC with a high-speed internet connection

• Must have a reliable vehicle

• Must have a smartphone/tablet

• Must have a clean driving record

• This is a people centric position, you should enjoy working with people who are in all types of moods!

• No ladders, climbing or lifting. You will be walking and on your feet most of the time in the field

• Ideal field reps have inspection, underwriting, adjusting, real estate, or other property/construction experience

• Ideal field reps are already working in the field in some capacity

Our Application Process

On average, going from Application to First Case can be 6 to 14 days (or longer based on your location)

• Apply (10 minutes)

• Video Message from Jim Gardner (10 minutes)

• Submit HR Paperwork (30 minutes)

• App Demo (20 minutes)

• ViewSpection Videos (30 minutes)

• Onboarding Webinar & First Case(s) assigned (30-45 minutes)

• After you successfully complete the first cases and move forward we will process a background check for you. The cost is $10 and will be deducted from the payment of first case(s).

To apply to this position, please visit:


We will typically respond within 1 - 2 days to your application