My 5 New Startup Hacks

It is summer in the Southwest and we have many days looming around the 110 mark. For my 86-year-old dad, that means staying indoors and staying busy!

With extra indoor time on his hands, my forever learning father called to give me some digital consumption tips. He told me he had discovered Kahn Academy and was diving in to studying ancient man. Plus, he told me three great TED Talks I HAVE to listen too.

That got me to thinking about how much I am like my dad and always questioning and learning.

I realized that as ViewSpection evolves, I have been adopting new skills, tweaks and hacks to keep up.

Here is my summer list:

Dumping My Paper Journal

Dang, sorry to be saying that. I love writing on paper! However, I must have 20 journals now, so much of the gold in those pages, is locked away forever. Or at least until I have time to go through the pages! Not to mention, after every client meeting, I found myself copying over my paper notes to my CRM. Much seemed lost in the translation. I picked up an iPad and I have tested 3 note taking apps so far. Evernote, Penultimate and now, just starting Notability. My goal is to be able to seamlessly integrate my notes with images, PDFs, hand taken notes and typing. I only use the iPad is I only use it for note taking. There are no business apps, email or other social media. When I am “journaling”, I am isolated and not distracted. Should be an interesting exploration.

Google Calendar for Tasks

This is related to above. I used to keep my to do list in my journal. Lately I began calendaring all of my to do’s on the calendar. It was a small hack for me but has had huge results. I love that once I put the task on the calendar and put a reminder notification with it, I can forget about the task and not fret, “it seems like I am forgetting something”. It has made me utilize my time better. From my phone or computer, I can always see what upcoming task I may be able to slot into some available time. Nothing better than getting a job done BEFORE it is due! Perhaps my favorite thing is the no guilt feeling I have when I do not get a task done…I just move it to a future slot. Google seems like a great calendar solution but I wonder if anyone has a better one? Suggestions?

Muse and Yoga Studio

I did not consider myself an anxious guy, but over the past few months, I have been questioning that belief. It had become almost a constant that if I woke up at 3 or 4am, my brain would go into an endless, work loop mode. I was powerless to turn it off. The more it happened, the more I worried about it happening…and thus, the more it happened. With less sleep, I was getting more stressed out. Meditating and yoga have helped. I got a Muse for a gift and the app/headband are great. I only can manage 12 minutes. 20 minutes seems an eternity! With the new iPad, my wife suggested Yoga Studio and it works well for me. So far, I just do the 15 minute, beginning relaxation video. Not sure how adventurous I will get.

Loom: Quick Videos

I am really interested in Loom. I have only played with it and not sent out a video message…YET! For the product introductions and onboarding we do with ViewSpection, it seems a natural and in the moment way to get the info out and consumed.


I am writing this as a challenge hack. I want my weekends back. 50 hours ought to be enough work for the week. Yet, I find myself queuing up 2-4 projects per weekend that I would like to get wrapped up. I admit it, I like to work. I love to do creative projects on the weekend. However, I realize the lack of downtime is not doing me any favors. Got to recharge! I am hopeful that the tweak and hacks above can help me find my weekends again.



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