Missing Des Moines. But Not For Long.

As we parted ways, after our three-day car trip home to Tucson from the GIA in Des Moines, Jay said, “I don’t want to see you for a week”. He said, we can talk on the phone but after 100+ days together, he was claiming some space.

Made sense to me. We both needed a break and would have to re-connect to home and family for the next week.

This separation would return us to our norm of working virtual. Both ViewSpection and my inspection company work virtually. While both companies have employees and vendors in multiple states and countries, my inspection company has not had a physical office for 10 years.

I have often spoken about how much I enjoy working virtually. That has been true. My time in Des Moines has changed that. I love the nuanced interactions which occur only in person. While that can happen virtually, it happens more readily while working together.

But back in Tucson, we were on a Jay-imposed, week of virtual interactions. On one of our first Skype calls, we both commented on the feeling of being disconnected from the insurance vibe in Des Moines.

The GIA, DSM|Square One, Million Cups, conferences, customer meetings, dinner with mentors, the list goes on. The energy is always evident in Des Moines. We wanted to continue doing Million Cups here in Tucson, but they have not met since October!

I was surprised on Friday when Jay broke his own rule. He emailed and said he wanted to get together and talk about some ideas. It had to be over a beer, he added. So, four days in we were going to do a Tucson version of our Friday night ritual of going to the Continental in the East Village, and talk about the week. I know Jay well enough to know that he had something on his mind.

We got together at 9pm, ordered drinks and small talked. It didn’t take long for Jay to lay out his plan. He shared that they were finalizing the plans for getting their last two kids at home, off to college. With that soon to be done, he and his wife were ready to move on from Tucson. The tentative plan is to pack up a Uhaul, put the car on a trailer and get to Des Moines by Aug 15th.

Wow, we had been talking about moving the company to Des Moines since we got there in January, however we had not sat down and talked about any definite plans yet. Part of it is making sure we had enough business to fund the re-location. With Jay’s plan, we can make the move now and just cover the moving costs.

We know that being in Des Moines will grow the company, we just didn’t know exactly how that was going to happen. Now we have a plan, and we are excited to get back to Des Moines and continue our new relationships face to face…and with a handshake.


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