Have You Heard of DWM?

ViewSpection is all about self-service or DIY inspections. We turn inspections into connections for the agent and the carrier.  So, I was shocked to hear an acronym I liked even better than DIY!

I was listening to  Ryan Hanley on a May podcast of Agency Nation. Ryan was interviewing Jay Gauthier and Loree Toedman from Travelers and they were speaking about Traveler’s newest strategies to add value for the policyholder.

What got my attention was Jay’s description of the buckets they use to categorize consumers.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Do It With Me (DWM)
  • Do It For Me (DFM)

Wow, I had to pull over and write it down. For me, that grouping of users illustrates the transformation of insurance. The DIY group are users who would be the main consumers of digital and direct insurance services. The DFM group, or the Do It For Me group, would seem to be the more traditional insurance consumer. It is the DWM group, where the focus is on doing it WITH me, that shifted my perception.

As I said in the beginning, we have emphasized the DIY capabilities of ViewSpection. However, after listening to Jay and Loree, the more accurate description is that ViewSpection connects the policyholder to the agent/carrier so they can work TOGETHER. The WITH ME, is a big difference!

The DWM consumer is going to use ViewSpection to engage with their agent and share information. Of course, there is a DIY aspect in gathering that information, but then it bridges over to the agent, engaging WITH the client at a deeper, consulting level.

With ViewSpection, when the agent reviews the digital tour of the policyholder’s home or business, they transform an inspection into a connection. With that connection, they have multiple touch points, from quote to claim, to interact with and add value to the client relationship.

As Ryan mentions during the show, “Relationship is the independent agents competitive advantage”. With the DWM consumer, the agent engages using insuretech tools and other digital experiences. Insuretech as a relationship builder and not a disruptor of the agent’s relationship!

That is the quick story of how one acronym changed how I view our company.


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