ViewSpection FAQ

What is ViewSpection?

ViewSpection is an Image-driven app that guides you through the sometimes hap-hazard process of gathering property information. After a 15-minute photo survey, ViewSpection automatically creates a pro-grade report ready for an Underwriter.

And ViewSpection isn’t just an App, it’s also a robust Web platform that makes defect identification easier than ever, with HD quality images that are accessible within minutes of uploading the photo survey from your Smartphone.

How do I sign up?

Download the app form the App Store for iphone, or Google Play for Android and sign up right on the app.  For Inspectors and Underwriters, contact us directly at 800-576- 9239 Ext 806 and we will be happy to sign you up for a free trial.

Does it cost me anything to use the ViewSpection App?

We have flexible usage plans and enterprise pricing based on volume and the number of agents in your organization. We also offer a free trial with no credit card needed. Contact us for details

Will my Underwriter accept a ViewSpection report?

We make it easy for you to send the ViewSpection photo survey directly to your Underwriter via email. They receive a PDF copy of the report as well as a link to view it on the Web Platform with full HD quality photos.

Underwriters love how quickly they can receive a professional quality photo survey to make an underwriting decision weeks before they could view a traditional field inspection report.

Who are the founders of ViewSpection?

We are a group of professionals with real-world experience in loss control and we have been providing traditional field surveys to insurance carriers for over 30 years. After an ah-ha moment a few years ago, we realized that there was a faster, more efficient way to deliver quality loss control reports in a fraction of the time it took to do it the old way – and ViewSpection was born.

We are a progressive, tech savvy company on the leading edge of the digital age. We all are seeing the digital transformation of the insurance industry and we are excited to be a leader in this new trend.

I am a Loss Control Field Inspector; Can I use the app to do my inspections?

We have created an App designed specifically for the field inspector. ViewSpection Inspector has even more functionality saving you hours of office time. You can take all your property photos with the app, make recommendations right there in the field and by the time you get back to your car you can be uploading entire report to your manager. Ask your manager to contact us for more information about this new innovative technology designed to make your live easier.

Can a Policyholder use the app to do their own photo survey?

Absolutely! We knew from the beginning that this was going to be a game changer. The app is so easy to use, with best practices build-in, that a photo survey completed by the policyholder using the ViewSpection app will be as good (sometimes even better) than a professional field inspection.

Just think how easy it will be to get an interior photo survey completed by the homeowners themselves! We’ve made it easy to invite your policyholder to follow an easy to use, step-by-step app to take a photo survey of the interior and exterior of their property within 15 minutes with their smartphone and upload it directly to you.

Can I share a ViewSpection report with more than one Carrier?

Yes, you can email the report to as many carriers as you like.

What if there is no cell phone service at the property location?

No problem – the app itself works off-line, and you can upload the survey when you have access to Wi Fi .

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