Loss Control Re-Imagined

Expand the choices you have with your loss control process with the combined platforms of Gardner Group and ViewSpection

Everything in insurance is changing.  Yet, are you having much luck finding innovative approaches for your loss control needs?  Odds are, the problems and issues you are experiencing in getting your inspection needs met are increasing.

Partnering with Gardner Group, we are able to blend traditional inspections with new technology and approaches.  We will work with you to find a unique approach which takes advantage of:

  • Policyholder Self Service Inspections
  • Hybrid (Call Center Based) Inspections
  • Mobile Enabled Inspectors in the field
  • Agent Inspection App

With Gardner Group, we can improve the loss control process in every way imaginable.

Mobile-Enabled Field Inspectors

Reduce Office Time

Field based inspections are critical part of most carriers risk management strategy.  Gardner Group’s inspectors utilize the ViewSpection mobile app and platform to optimize their efforts. 

One of the biggest benefits of using the Gardner Group digital loss control approach is that you are only completing inspections on the properties that need that level of service.  You can allocate your staff and resources right where they are needed.

Reduce Office Time

An inspector spends an hour of office time for every hour in the field.  Office time includes writing the report, and uploading organizing, and labeling photos. Mobile-enabled inspections eliminate the office work.  In most cases, the report is done by the time the inspector returns to their car.  

Defect-Centric, Recommendation- Focused

Using the ViewSpection mobile app is a breeze for inspectors.  We've built-in the most common hazards, and the recommendations are automatically added to the report.


 The ViewSpection mobile app is configured with report consistency in mind.  The photo labels and the report layout are automatically generated.


Our proprietary web platform automatically tracks the status of each inspection, and the inspector can update the case notes right from the field. 

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Hybrid Loss Control Inspections

What is “Hybrid Loss Control”? 

It is a mix of traditional inspections and self-service or DIY inspections completed by the policyholder.  Instead of limiting your inspections due to budget constraints you can double your inspections for the same or less than you are spending now.  With ViewSpection self-service inspections your policyholder provides all the typical images and data about their residential or commercial property.  Often, this DIY inspection will be enough to complete your underwriting requirements, without the cost of a physical, expensive inspection.  However, because the ViewSpection survey is completed in 5-10 days, there is plenty of time to transition to a traditional, field based inspection, if needed.

Reduce Unseen Risk

When you mix DIY surveys with traditional, “boots on the ground” inspections, you can double the number of inspections you complete and not increase your budget.  There is no need to insure policies with unseen risk.

Self Service Benefits

Right now, many carriers just don’t look at the properties they insure.  Self-service inspections allow the policyholder to “tour” you through their property.  Imagine what can you learn from a client when they provide you with 30-40 photos of their commercial or residential property?


When you connect with the policyholder via a self-service inspection, you create a digital moment by meeting them where they are at.  Don’t let your inspection process be a friction point.  Your policyholder wants to engage in the insurance process.

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Gardner Group Coverage area and Samples


Coverage Area

Gardner Group provides field inspections in the Northeastern area of the US.  We can provide special services outside of our core area or we can help network you with other quality loss control vendors.  Our self service platform, ViewSpection is available in all states.


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Whether it is a 4 family, seasonal cabin, high value, modular or a 1940’s single family, we will provide the information you need.  We provide ample photos, your choice of valuations and customizable content.


From Main Street to mid-market, Gardner commercial reports are detailed and focused on your specific underwriting guidelines.  We have pre-built modules which provide detailed information on most lines of business.


Small farm, big farm or a corporate ag facility, we have you covered with in-depth and organized reports.  We meet your underwriter’s needs to have a report which makes multiple locations and buildings understandable and easier to underwrite.


Our contractor phone survey can easily be supplemented with a job site.  Our experienced contractor reps will gather the risk specific information you need to verify the exposure for the client.


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