Carrier Onboarding

Download the ViewSpection App

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Invite a Policyholder

Invite a Policyholder directly from the app to do a 15-minute virtual inspection of their property.
They will be guided to take the photos with easy to follow instructions.

Instantly Receive a PDF Report

Once the policyholder completes the inspection, you will instantly receive a professional PDF Report in your email that you can send to any carrier with your submission.

To invite an agent to use ViewSpection, send them to our Agent Onboarding page




How To's

  • Go to the sign in page at

  • Go to the sign in page at

  • Sign in using your username or your email address

  • Type in your password and click the Login button

  • If you forget your password, just click the link below the Login Button

  • From the Dashboard, you can navigate to your ViewSpections, order a new ViewSpection, or go directly to the Grid view.

  • Click the Administration button, upper right, under your email address

  • Select Users on the left – either Underwriter or In House Inspector (NOTE: In-House Inspectors must use the ViewSpection Inspector App)

  • Edit existing users or add new users

  • When adding a user, it is important to select your company name in the Customers section for the user to be connected to your company in the system.

  • Click on Order at the top of the page, and select New Inspection

  • Select In-House Inspector or Homeowner (property owner) and then fill out the address and details

  • Click Order Inspection and the inspection will appear on the inspector’s app, or the property owner will receive an invitation via email and/or a text message.

  • Click on Order at the top of the page, and select New Inspection

  • Select Customer-Agent for the type of ViewSpection

  • Choose an Agency from the dropdown window

  • Choose an agent from the next dropdown window or leave black and the order will be sent to the Agency Administrator who will then assign it to the appropriate agent

  • Fill out the address and details

  • The agent will receive an email notification and choose to complete the inspection or to invite the Policyholder to do a self-guided survey.

  • When the inspection is complete, the Agent will send back to the underwriter and it will be available on the grid for review

  • From the Dashboard, click ViewSpections at the top of the page, or click a Navigation button

  • Customize your grid view by clicking the ``>`` icon

  • Filter the results by using the search bar on the left side of the screen

  • View the status and messages of any ViewSpection by hovering over the Status column

  • Click on any column header to sort

  • Filter by using the Search window at the left

  • Export to a spreadsheet by selecting the desired ViewSpections and click on the Export button

  • Open a ViewSpection by clicking on the blue Inspection number in the left column

  • Open multiple ViewSpections by clicking the box next to the Inspection number and click Open Selected cases

  • In the Multiple ViewSpection view, click on the grey tab of the inspection you would like to view

  • From The Grid, hover over the status column to add a custom message, then click Submit

  • Open a ViewSpection and navigate to Case Notes to add a custom message, then click Submit

  • From The Grid, click on the number of the inspection you want to view

  • From the Information screen, click on Report in the Green navigation bar at the top

  • Use the navigation buttons on the left to jump to the different sections of the report

  • Edit any section of the report by clicking the blue Edit button, then click Save after editing

  • Click on any photo to open the Photo editor to identify a defect

  • To identify a defect and a recommendation, click Create Defect, select the area of the photo you wish to highlight, select a Section and a Defect Type and then click Save Defect

  • When finished editing and adding defects and recommendations, click Complete Report