Agent Onboarding

Download the ViewSpection Agent App

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Invite a Policyholder

Invite a Policyholder directly from the app to do a 15-minute virtual inspection of their property.
They will be guided to take the photos with easy to follow instructions.

Instantly Receive a PDF Report

Once the policyholder completes the inspection, you will instantly receive a professional PDF Report in your email that you can send to any carrier with your submission.

To invite a carrier to use ViewSpection, send them to our Carrier Onboarding page



The App

How To's

Sign in

  • Go to the sign in page at

  • Sign in using your username or your email address

  • Type in your password and click the Login button

  • If you forget your password, just click the link below the Login Button

  • From the Dashboard, you can navigate to your ViewSpections, order a new ViewSpection, or go directly to the Grid view.


  • Begin a new ViewSpection directly from the app, or create an order from the Web Platform

  • Click on Order at the top of the page, and select New Inspection

  • Select Agent or Homeowner and then fill out the address and details

  • Click Order Inspection and the inspection will appear on your app

  • If you are an Agent Admin, Order the ViewSpection then return to The Grid to assign to an agent

  • From The Grid, hover over the Inspector/Agent column and select the agent from the pop up window

The Grid

  • From the Dashboard, click ViewSpections at the top of the page, or click a Navigation button

  • Customize your grid view by clicking the ``>`` icon

  • Filter the results by using the search bar on the left side of the screen

  • View the status and messages of any ViewSpection by hovering over the Status column


  • Click on any column header to sort

  • Filter by using the Search window at the left

  • Export to a spreadsheet by selecting the desired ViewSpections and click on the Export button

  • Open a ViewSpection by clicking on the blue Inspection number in the left column

  • Open multiple ViewSpections by clicking the box next to the Inspection number and click Open Selected cases

  • In the Multiple ViewSpection view, click on the grey tab of the inspection you would like to view


  • From The Grid, hover over the status column to add a custom message, then click Submit

  • Open a ViewSpection and navigate to Case Notes to add a custom message, then click Submit

The Report

  • From The Grid, click on the number of the inspection you want to view

  • From the Information screen, click on Report in the Green navigation bar at the top

  • Use the navigation buttons on the left to jump to the different sections of the report

  • Edit any section of the report by clicking the blue Edit button, then click Save after editing

  • Click on any photo to open the Photo editor to identify a defect

  • To identify a defect and a recommendation, click Create Defect, select the area of the photo you wish to highlight, select a Section and a Defect Type and then click Save Defect

  • When finished editing and adding defects and recommendations, click Complete Report

  • Send to a carrier by selecting a recent or existing one, and click Send Report and Notify by Email